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Talent Academy



At Smart Data Foundry we help the Open Finance and Smart Data community develop the skills, knowledge and talent needed to make this fast-moving area a success.

Through our internship, placement and graduate schemes, we connect businesses with the smart, talented people who can push them forward and create an environment where everyone can thrive.


We have a skills development programme specifically designed for fast-growing businesses, covering technical, strategic and commercial skills. We know from our own experience the key is to break training into flexible and self-paced modules that can be fitted around the challenges of working in a start-up environment.


We see our mentorship programmes as a fantastic opportunity to give graduates and post-grads valuable experience in the FinTech and Financial Services research and innovation world.


Technical experts in data science and engineering are in demand. One of the most enjoyable parts of our work is the ability to connect organisations, trainers and individuals together so that everyone wins. We speak to all the different parts of the talent jigsaw every day.

Building the talent pool together

If you are keen to learn more, or you’d be interested in working together to support our talent-development programmes, please get in touch with Craig Lennox