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Innovation Environment


We support research into financial lives by unlocking the power of financial data

Research and data go hand-in-hand​.

Analysis of data is critically important for any research, to form robust conclusions and make recommendations based on the research outcomes.​

The traditional approach to research uses a mix of historical datasets, surveys and focus groups. This normally results in small sample sizes and a rearward view of the past.​

Working with real, granular-level data that is regularly refreshed challenges this approach and unlocks the power of data to take research to a new level.

Ground-breaking partnerships to safely share data​

We have partnered with leading financial services organisations to safely share data that until now has not been available for public purpose or for common good.

Supporting the research ecosystem​

Having access to real data helps both researchers and those who fund research, such as Foundations and Research Councils.​

Researchers can unlock answers to previously unsolved challenges. Funders have greater confidence in the quality of the research outcomes that can challenge policy and help shape future regulation.

Smart Data Foundry Research Environment Safe Haven​

We work with sensitive and granular-level financial data and make it safe by deidentifying the data for use by researchers. ​

This is the most sensitive type of data we work with, and as such, is stored in the most secure data safe haven. ​

Smart Data Foundry’s Research Environment Safe Haven is a managed research environment providing safe and secure data storage and access for Smart Data Foundry and research partners.

  • End-to-end managed service covering information governance, infrastructure management and technical support from data provision to published output​
  • Defined user onboarding and access control ​
  • Repeatable Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) and Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) management​
  • Powerful data environment tools for researchers​
  • Single point of assurance for Data Providers​
  • Support from Smart Data Foundry research data science community