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National Data Utility


National Data Utility

What do people earn? Where do they spend? How much is going into the green economy? The National Data Utility is where research meets UK financial services data to see the economic, environmental and societal trends that we can unlock to improve people’s lives.

A unique data research platform

Understanding trends around how people earn, spend and save money is key to unlocking a lot of today’s societal challenges.

The National Data Utility makes this level of insight possible. It’s a long-term historical record powered by UK financial services data. We’re busy building this unique data asset, working with many partners across Financial Services and our FinTech network. It will deliver rich, accessible and connected insights to help find smarter solutions to the problems that will improve people’s lives.

An invitation to join

The National Data Utility is open to organisations in the social, financial, health and other sectors working to solve economic, societal and environmental challenges. Please get in touch below if you work on a purpose-driven project where data could unlock the insights you need to solve a problem.

Share valuable data

The National Data Utility relies on data from our partners. If you have valuable data that you’re able to contribute in a completely safe environment for the benefit of society, we’d love to hear from you –

Keeping shared data 100% secure

We know that working with people’s data comes with a huge responsibility. We respect the data we work with and always keep it completely safe and secure within the Smart Data Foundry Safe Haven, operated by EPCC at the University of Edinburgh, a controlled and secure service environment for undertaking data research.

Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you if you can help or need help. Please drop a message to