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Economic Crime Research Unit


We create data-driven insights for decision makers and policy teams based on real data

Too often, critical policy decisions are made or strategic decisions are taken based on limited data or out-of-date insights. ​

Our data-sharing partnerships mean that we create enduring and regularly updated interactive dashboards that provide near real-time insights showing what’s really happening. We can also make available rich insights that can be used to link with public and internal data. ​

Our data science capability means that we can create data visualisations and impact assessment tools to help policymakers deepen their understanding of the pressing societal issues and facilitates data-driven decision making.

Smart Data Foundry Covid Economic Dashboard​

We partnered with NatWest Group to assess the impact of Covid on how people have earned, spent, and saved before, during and after the pandemic. ​

To provide the right support to the most impacted groups, policymakers need reliable, timely data on how society’s finances have been impacted by the pandemic. ​

Aggregate information on spending, payments, and bank balances reveal patterns and trends, adding important detail to the bigger picture of the pandemic’s economic impact. ​

Sharing this with UK Government departments through a regularly refreshed Covid Economic Dashboard gave policy makers near-real time insights into which businesses and social groups faced the greatest economic challenges throughout the pandemic and will lead to better, more targeted support. ​

Cost-of-living dashboards for UK councils ​

The challenge​

A local Scottish council wants a better understanding how their residents are impacted by the cost-of-living crisis in the post-Covid era.​

How Smart Data Foundry is meeting the challenge​

We are building a cost-of-living dashboard, using deidentified customer data from NatWest Group and augmenting this with other contextual data to create a view that will: -​

  • Understand where the cost-of-living is hitting hardest
  • Show household type and factors of potential financial vulnerability
  • Produce visual and written analysis which can be used to target resources to support households in need
  • Be updated quarterly to keep insights up to date and relevant​

Cost of living Dashboard Product Sheet

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