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Innovation Environment


Innovation Environment

James Dyson made 5,127 prototypes of his vacuum before he got it right. Testing is an innovator’s best friend, and our Innovation Environment fills the gap where innovators and entrepreneurs can test and prove their ideas in a safe and secure data environment.

Connect, test, improve, prove, repeat

Our Innovation Environment is a place for innovation to thrive. A neutral, safe and secure online platform, where software developers, data scientists, product managers, academics and policymakers from different organisations can come together to collaborate.

Access to unique data and the tools to make the magic happen

Analysing trends in real data is powerful but requires sensitive handling. That’s why we’re also pushing the boundaries with synthetic datasets letting you test and experiment safely without getting caught up in the necessary governance and complexity of working with real data.

Our deep understanding of real data means we can create synthetic data, giving the best of both worlds – access to look-a-like data to make building proofs of concept realistic without the worry of compromising data security.

Added to that, we provide the kit you need, such as development and data analysis tools, apps and services (APIs) and information resources. All within one neutral, safe and secure online platform.

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Build better products and services, quicker, cheaper and with less risk

Accessed via a safe and secure online platform, the Innovation Environment will:

  • accelerate product and service development and investment
  • give access to synthetic data to reduce risks and speed up delivery
  • streamline industry and academic partnerships
  • support policy evolution
  • test ideas and propositions and prove they work
  • reduce innovation timescales, risks and costs
  • deliver better, faster, higher-resolution research
  • support applications to national funding initiatives
  • enable research into Machine Learning applications
  • foster industry collaboration and policy evolution
  • support the exploration of the privacy, ethical & regulatory vectors surrounding data for testing


Watch this space

We’re busy building the Innovation Environment and will roll out the first version later in 2022. If you want to be the first to know how we’re getting on and to see the fruits of our labour, drop an email to Bryn Coulthard, and we’ll keep you in the loop.