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Strong Small Business

UK small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the economy. They employ over 16 million people and account for around half of the UK’s private sector turnover.

They have shown unbelievable resilience, with COVID and Brexit just two of the major shocks that have impacted the sector.

We salute that spirit and make it our mission to generate new insights and provide access to hard-hitting research that helps to build even more resilience into the sector.

What we're doing

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We’re partnering with Sage Group, FreeAgent and Equifax to work with their data and we are talking with three of the UK major high street banks to contribute banking data to create a unique view of what’s really going on.

And we’ll share these insights on a regular basis with Government and others to make sure they’re making decisions on how to support this sector based on fact.

Better, better, better – these insights will mean better lending options for small businesses, better cash flow, better productivity.  All of which helps accelerate the recovery for the wider UK economy.

Reporting on what matters– we’re bringing on board our first industry partners and working with them to build bespoke insights and reports.  Not what we want to report, but what works for them.  More to come soon on these exciting partnerships.

Micro and Small businesses are crucial to the UK economy. They create jobs, lead the levelling up agenda and are the talent that drives the success of their bigger customers. The work the Smart Data Foundry is leading with Sage Group will shine a light on their value and on issues such as late and slow payments, which need to be rectified if they are to reach their full potential. We can use data-led research to innovate and build resilience into the sector.
LIZ BARCLAY - Small Business Commissioner

Help us help small business

Get in touch with Martin Nel to find out how you can help us on this mission.