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(Environmental) Countering Climate Change

Net zero by 2050 is a much-quoted goal. ​

Even more importantly, we need to reduce carbon emissions, recapture carbon and address the impact of climate change. But this requires big changes, and this means bold decisions being made by governments and some of the largest global corporations and fund-holders, as well as citizens and SMEs. ​

These big decisions need excellent data – where to act, how to act, knowing whether we are making a difference and picking the highest priority moves.​

With better data, governments and corporations have the certainty to enact bold and sweeping change. ​

With better data, entrepreneurs find the inspiration and the direction to build new solutions to meet the challenge.​

With better data, citizens find the motivation to change their behaviours.​

Meeting the Challenge​

Bankers For Net Zero​

At COP26, held in the UK in Glasgow, banks committed to play an important role alongside governments and regulators in meeting global Net Zero targets by 2050.​

As part of our mission to counter climate change, we have been instrumental in supporting this initiative, working with stakeholders across the sector to publish a scoping document for how UK banks can play a role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions for SMEs.

Work with us using data to combat climate change ​

​Contact Rui Cardoso to explore how we can work together.