Opening Financial Data for Good

We unlock the transformative power of financial data to enrich and enhance the lives of people and communities.

Unlocking the intelligence embedded in financial data presents a significant opportunity to tackle pressing social and economic challenges. However, obstacles such as privacy concerns and resource constraints can impede the sharing of data for the greater good. Smart Data Foundry provides the solution.

Our trusted research environment allows financial institutions to responsibly share de-identified, granular data, updated near real-time; empowering researchers and policymakers to unlock its transformative power.

As a mission-driven subsidiary of the University of Edinburgh, we stand as a trusted partner for academia and the public sector. Together, we use financial data as a catalyst for positive change and to help shape a better tomorrow.

Highlighted features

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Launch of Income Volatility Dashboard with Joseph Rowntree Foundation

We proudly announce a ground-breaking collaboration with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF): the Income Volatility Dashboard. Powered by cutting-edge, near-real-time banking data, this innovative platform provides a comprehensive and unique view of the impact of income volatility and economic insecurity on consumers throughout the United Kingdom.

Via the link below, sign up or access our secure area, myFoundry, to explore the dashboard and see the transformative power of data in action.

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A ground-breaking cost-of-living dashboard for East Renfrewshire Council

Smart Data Foundry empowered East Renfrewshire Council with its insights platform in the form of a pioneering Cost-of-Living Dashboard. Utilising near-real-time de-identified banking data from NatWest Group, this dashboard integrates financial well-being indicators with contextual information, aiding the council in comprehending the challenges citizens face during the current cost-of-living crisis.

Contact us today to find out more and explore how our data-driven insights platform can transform public sector decision making.

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Imagine a world where researchers, analysts, and policymakers are empowered to work collaboratively on a common goal – bringing together evidence to create real-world impact. Imagine that same world where the public and private sectors unite with access to new sources of data, co-ordinating efforts with the shared purpose of improving people’s lives.

Magdalena Getler
Head of Research/Smart Data Foundry

Building a pioneering data-sharing ecosystem with our trusted data partners

By forging partnerships with leading financial institutions, we’re trusted to unlock previously inaccessible data for the public good. Our secure, de-identified data sharing platform, built on robust information governance and data sharing agreements, fosters trust and empowers positive change.

Powering cutting-edge research and never-seen before data-driven insights


Working at the intersection between private sector data and open data, we tackle society's biggest challenges in socio-economics, health economics, and climate economics.

We enable ground-breaking research by offering a robust trusted research environment (TRE) populated with research-ready, de-identified, granular, near real-time private sector data at scale.


We are dedicated to empowering the public sector with cutting-edge solutions that go beyond conventional analytics. In doing so we provide comprehensive, near real-time insights that translate into tangible impact in the real world.

Our focus is on delivering data-driven solutions for the public sector that empower decision-makers to design, implement, and measure the effectiveness of public policies and government interventions.

Success Stories

Discover how we unlock the transformative power of financial data to change lives for the better.

Creating an Income Volatility Dashboard and TRE for JRF

A pioneering new partnership with Joseph Rowntree Foundation, making near real-time financial data available to enable cutting-edge in-depth research.

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Quarterly insights into SME performance

Partnering with Sage and CEBR to publish the quarterly SME Tracker that shines a light on the health of this critical sector of the UK economy. Read the latest tracker here.

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Targeting resources for Cost-of-Living support

Collaborating with East Renfrewshire Council to create a pioneering Cost-of-Living Dashboard highlighting data-driven insights to enhance public sector decision making.

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Monitoring financial impact of COVID-19 interventions

A strategic partnership with NatWest Group delivering insights into how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected how people have earned, spent, and saved; during and after the pandemic.

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Standards for Innovation

Our Standards for Innovation; a Standards Library to support comparison of worldwide technical and regulatory standards in Open Banking, Open Finance and Open Data, and an Innovation Atlas. View these in myFoundry.

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Invoice payment speed & timeliness for SME’s

Partnering with Sage to understand the impact of late payments; invoice payment time halved in the last decade for small businesses but 40% are still late.

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About Smart Data Foundry

Smart Data Foundry is mission-led, seeking to unlock the power of financial data to tackle the biggest issues to create positive impact across society, the economy and the environment.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, we establish trusted relationships with Financial Institutions. Despite common obstacles, we facilitate data sharing and collaboration, removing barriers to foster meaningful connections.

We enable and encourage partnerships to unlock the power of the financial data we securely hold, combined with other sources, to let us understand what financial dynamics are at play in people’s lives, and how consumers, businesses and communities can be helped with the insights we discover.

The Smart Data Foundry Board is drawn from government, industry and academia, bringing demonstrable expertise across data and financial services.

Dame Julia Unwin
Dame Julia Unwin
Board Chair
Zachery Anderson
Zachery Anderson
Chief Data & Analytics Officer, NatWest Group
Professor Kim Graham
Professor Kim Graham
Provost, The University of Edinburgh
Stephen Ingledew Obe
Stephen Ingledew Obe
Chair, FinTech Scotland
Fiona Duncan
Fiona Duncan
Independent Strategic Advisor, The Promise

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